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Developer Platform for Fine-Tuned LLMs

Gain GPT4 level response quality with only a fraction of the cost

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Prebuilt task-specific base models with GPT4 level response quality

We understand that starting from scratch can be challenging, so we offer pre-built, task-specific models out of the box. These models can be used with prompts or for future fine-tuning. Compared with GPT4, these model provide:


Comparable quality

Comparable response quality in the task domain the model focuses on


3x faster

3x faster on both overall latency and ttft (time to first token)


15x cheaper

7x cheaper on input tokens and 20x cheaper on output tokens, see pricing page

Don't just take our word for it! Check out the live demo of our latest empower-functions model for real-world chatbot use case with multiple tools interaction.

* Benchmark of empower-functions model on function calling, read more details here

Cost effective serving with no compromise on performance

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Own your model

Compatible with any PEFT-based LoRAs. Train your model anywhere and deploy it on Empower effortlessly. You retain ownership of your model with no vendor lock-in.

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No cold start

Performant as dedicate instance deployments, empower's technology ensures the sub-second code start time for your LoRAs. Deploy your LoRA now and it will be ready in seconds.


Pay as you use

Charge on a per-token basis for your LoRAs: you only pay for what you use, no expensive dedicated instance fee.

Ready to start?

Deploy and serve your first fine-tuned LLM in 1 minute for free!

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